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Our Real Discoveries Come From Chaos.

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I like to post anything residing within the realms of architecture, food porn, thinspo, illustrations, fashion, arts and crafts, typography, poetry, or macro photography. Sometimes I write and sometimes I rant. I love each and every one of my followers... unless you're a hater.
Me when i wake up:YES! Breakfast time!
Me eating breakfast:I can't wait till snack time.
Me eating snack:Yay, lunch in 3 hours!
Me eating lunch:3 hours till snack whoop whoop
Me at snack :Dinner is soon, omg why can't it come faster?
Me at dinner:Can i just go to sleep and wake up to eat more?
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I’m never gonna stop losing and gaining followers it’s never consistent sorry I have a 40-hour-a-week internship guys I’m too tired to blog sue me

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What the fuck, life

Really? Seriously? Too many curveballs. Die, complications, die

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someone teach me how to not let my happiness depend on other people

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TGIF so I can play Sims 3 Pets for the next four hours at least uhhh

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there is nothing worse than the feeling of shame you get after you run over your own banana peel in mario kart

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I just feel like sleeping all day

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